Quarter 2 Insights 2019

Imagine not having to save for retirement...

Imagine not having to save for retirement…

By Nic Andrew, Executive Head of Nedgroup Investments

Nic Andrew

It has been baby season at Nedgroup Investments. This got me thinking about how parents could use their financial savvy to relieve some of the financial pressure a new baby brings. So, we did a little experiment.

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Risk is where you are not looking

By Steven Romick, Sub-investment Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Global Flexible Fund

Steven Romick

We dont think people are looking at debt - and we think that's a problem.

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Finding Balance - Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund

By David Levinson, Investment Analyst

David Levinson

Checking in with the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund.

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How we select our Best of Breed fund managers

By Anil Jugmohan, Senior Investment analyst

Anil Jugmohan

It’s the very core of our business – so what do we look for when choosing managers?

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An investment strategy designed to avoid unforced errors

By Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

Jannie Leach

How our Core funds help investors avoid common pitfalls.

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Eskom - more than just looting

By JP Landman, Political analyst

JP Landman

Even if a single cent wasn’t stolen at Eskom, the utility would still be in trouble.

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