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The value of advice

The value of advice

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Catherine Robberts - Business Development Manager: Key Accounts

With the evolution of financial markets and the proliferation of funds and products over the recent past, making investment decisions can feel overwhelming. While most of us recognise the importance of investing for our future, it can feel like an impossible task given the variety of choices now available. Where does one start?

For me, when I become challenged by indecision, it can help to seek the advice of a professional. Much like seeking the input of a healthcare professional when you are ill and unsure of the diagnosis or treatment, engaging with the right financial advisor can help ensure your financial wellness.

There have been many industry studies which indicate that seeking advice and working with a financial advisor can improve an investor’s propensity for success. Not only do advisors take the time to understand your financial needs, but they are also capable of formulating a workable plan to achieve these and cater for the monitoring and evaluation of your progress along the journey. The path to financial freedom is, after all, a marathon and not a sprint.

With the increased complexity of the investment environment, the measure of value a financial advisor can deliver has also changed over the decades. There was a time when it was simply about the ability to outperform a benchmark, but it has become far more nuanced and there can be gaps between how the different parties in the relationship (client and advisor) perceive this value.