Local Quarterly Roundup: Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund

Nick Balkin, Foord Asset Management

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The Balanced Perspective: hitting the ceiling

As the debate around the US national debt limit intensifies, Iain joins us on this edition of the Balanced Perspective to shares his views around another potential risk for financial markets with the deadline for the US government fast approaching. The Balanced Perspective series is a monthly 15-minute segment where Iain Power, CIO at Truffle Asset Management; manager of the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund, discusses current topics in the market that may influence the fund.

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What makes a great fund manager?

What makes a great fund manager? Trevor Garvin, Head of Multi-management, answers this question in the latest episode of our podcast hosted by Responsible Investment Analyst, Lulama Robertson.

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The Balanced Perspective: winter is coming

After an eventful first quarter, with persistent inflation, a banking crises and mixed signals from equity and bond markets, investors have had no shortage of volatility to endure. Iain Power joins us for the April edition of the Balanced Perspective and provides us with his insights into these trends and what we can expect as we head into the winter

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