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Fraud alert - Investment scams 

There has been an increase in fraudsters impersonating legitimate Financial Services Providers using various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc. 

Fraudsters create fake WhatsApp and Telegram groups and entice people to contact them by offering investments with guaranteed high returns over a short investment term. To make these groups look legitimate they copy company logos and even impersonate employees. Don’t be caught by one of these scams! 

Beware of investments that guarantee abnormally high investment returns over a short investment period and make sure you invest your money only with credible organisations registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Should you wish to make an investment please contact Nedgroup Investments on 0860 123 263.

Fraud tips

Never share your PIN, password, username or one-time password with anyone.

Create secure passwords that contain a combination of letters, numbers and characters.

Type in web addresses yourself rather than clicking on links in an email or SMS.

Don't use public computers to do your Internet Banking.

Be cautious about clicking on links in an email or text message. We will never ask you to log on to Online Investing through a link in an SMS or email.

Always make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.

Review your transactions regularly - when in doubt, notify us.

Make it a rule to never share personal banking information with anyone.

Don't expect to be selected as a winner if you haven't participated in the lottery or other competitions.

Always check the website address and SSL (padlock/security) status of your online banking environment before inputting any information at all

Report Corrupt and Unethical Behaviour

Nedbank is committed to the highest ethical standards when conducting business and requires all employees, contract workers, parttime employees, partners, agents/intermediaries, joint ventures and vendors to act with honesty and integrity.

Report unethical behaviour and corruption (you can remain anonymous):

Unethical behaviour

0800 000 909 or

Please DO NOT use the contact details above to report fraud.

Call us on 0800 110 929 to report fraud.