Our responsibility towards our clients’ assets forms the foundation of our investment philosophy and approach. We are committed to the promotion and support of Responsible Investing in South Africa and as a result, we aim to ensure that management is ultimately accountable for company performance and conduct.

But we know that our responsibility does not end there. We promote responsibility in every area of our business operations. We believe that it is our duty to provide our appointed managers with guidelines on how to exercise shareholder rights in the best interests of our clients.

We have developed proxy-voting guidelines, to provide clear parameters for the voting of shareholder resolutions so that voters make their decisions based on a full understanding of publicly available information. These guidelines are included as annexures to all our agreements with appointed managers. 

We also endeavour to manage potential conflicts as prescribed by our existing conflict of interest management processes to ensure that our interests and our clients’ interests remain aligned.

For more information please read the Nedgroup Investments Responsible Investment Guidelines and the Nedgroup Investments Proxy Voting Guidelines.

For our Conflicts of Interests Policy please refer to the ‘Legal information’ section.