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Royal Drakensberg

Royal Drakensberg is an independent school that provides education to the surrounding poor areas. The school caters for Grade 0 to Grade 3, providing the necessary grounding for children to reach their maximum potential. Royal Drakensberg believe that there is a great need for holistic education of a world class standard in the Drakensberg Rural area. Conditions in these areas are poor and the teachers lack resources and infrastructure. They feel that an established independent school, which is properly staffed and managed, will go a long way to giving children the necessary grounding to reach their maximum potential. The school was opened in 2007.

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Coactive promote and create new experiences for the underprivileged youth of the Western Cape. They equip youth to become more open-minded, optimistic, hopeful individuals - inspired about their future. All activities and events educate, empower and encourage creativity, mindfulness and respect towards others and the environment. Coactive was started by 6 friends who are passionate about South Africa and its future. We all come from very fortunate backgrounds and believe that we must it forward, do more and be better.

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9Miles Project

9Miles Project provides life empowerment through surfing lessons to vulnerable youth, teaching them that they can achieve anything through hard work. The 9Miles Project achieves their goals by providing surfing lessons, supplementary academic support, life skills and leadership training, health assessments, feeding schemes, educational trips, community events, and day-to-day mentorship and support. Based at Strandfontein Pavilion, the project is a haven and refuge for youth who have very few positive role models in their lives.

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Great Commission United (GCU)

Great Commission United (GCU) offers a range of literacy, life skills and sports programs in the 5 Heideveld primary schools. Great Commission United (GCU) aims to keep young people from Heideveld and surrounding areas on the Cape Flats away from gangs and crime and plugged into positive influences and aspirations. GCU recognises that the reversal of gang culture and poverty begins at grassroots level. The project strives to enrich the children’s life experience through the discipline of sport and other programs which aim to ignite a desire of wanting more from their lives.

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Heartlands is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Community Mental Health Facility. The centre provides holistic care for between 20 to 25 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) from birth to six years of age. Children are temporally placed with a court order after which the child is either reunited, placed in foster care, and /or adopted. In rare circumstances a child can be placed in another institution if long term care is needed. Parents are educated to be better equipped in caring for their children, once reunited and back at home. In fact they were about to close their doors if funding was not received from CSI initiatives like ourselves.

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Great Girls

Great Girls is a non-profit project run by a diverse group of women in Cape Town. The project aims to bridge the gap between high-school education and fulltime employment for disadvantaged girls. Their goal is to ensure that South African girls leave high school equipped with skills to either find meaningful full-time employment or to pursue further studies. Through practical workshops and mentoring, Great Girls coaches its participants on elements that range from interview technique and CV writing to budgeting, eloquence, confidence-building and assertiveness, paving the way for a well-rounded individual capable of carving out their own successful career path, regardless of their background.

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